A Message from the Founder

Man, what a mess.

I would’ve once labeled myself as a typical apathetic voter. In our country’s current state, being uninformed is no longer an option. Picking up bits and pieces of news, as much as you can stomach, is really useless. How do you know what is real and what isn’t? Voting history is real and cannot be manipulated.

I came up with this idea a long time ago, while attempting to research candidates and not being able to form any kind of meaningful opinion, no matter how much Googling I did. I decided to build a website that would allow me to find the information I wanted. Not some big corporate entity, just me. The creation of this website has been financed through my last four tax returns, credit cards, and basic scrimping and saving. I still have my day job.

While this site is teeming with more information than you may use, you have only one job: to form your own opinion based on fact. This program is deceivingly simple. You vote on the same bills that your congressmen do, then this site compares the two to give you your personalized approval rating. That’s it. If you use none of the other tools and information contained in this site, you have done your job.

My most fervent wish, is to give you, the user, the gift of smugly ignoring every bit of annoying political advertising that you are accosted with. Mute the TV. Ignore it all, because you will have done your due diligence and you will know, based on actual numbers, exactly how much you agree with the incumbent. I encourage any future candidate to use this site as any other member. In the future, when a candidate officially announces his or her candidacy, regardless of political affiliation, you will be able to view their “score” compared to the “score” of the incumbent. While I realize that a candidate’s voting history isn’t official, it should give some measure of their views. And if it doesn’t, may they enjoy their single term in office, because we, the public, are now watching.

Kelly Riordan